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Get Involved in a Chamber Committee

Want to have your say, make a difference, and get involved? We are always looking for volunteers interested in strengthening Fredericton’s business community. The best way to do this is by joining one of the chamber’s many committees. Our committees are the primary mechanism that carries out the chamber’s various priorities and initiatives.  They rely on volunteer members from all sectors bringing a breadth and depth of expertise and experience that gives each committee a well-rounded knowledge base. For more information, please contact the chamber office at (506) 458-8006.

Policy Development Committee
The Policy Development Committee, works closely with the Policy & Research Manager and the board of directors and serves four primary functions: (1) to articulate and consolidate the chamber’s policy positions that have been developed informally; (2) to produce new policy positions for the board of directors and the chamber’s advocacy committees to communicate to various levels of government; and (3) to produce nationally-focused policy resolutions for submission to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; and (4) to review policy resolutions submitted to the Canadian chamber by other chambers of commerce.

Provincial Government Affairs Committee
Members of the PGAC develop an annual set of recommendations for the provincial budget to present to the Minister of Finance, with the chairs of the committee joining the chamber executive in a face-to-face meeting with the minister. Our 2016-17 brief focused on the provincial debt/deficit, tax policy and human capital. This document, along with previous years’ are available on our website. The committee also helps shape the chamber’s official position on political news and events, and meet with government officials or other stakeholders on the issues of the day. In 2016-17 the committee also looked at health care, microbrewery regulations and property tax.

Municipal Government Affairs Committee
Working with our members and organizations such as Ignite Fredericton, Downtown Fredericton Inc., and Business Fredericton North, the MGAC helps to form the chamber’s position with issues on a local level. The committee responds to municipal issues as they arise and keeps city council informed on the issues of the day through meetings, policy briefs, etc. The committee is also responsible for pre- and post-election activities in election years.

Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee
Working with Horizon Health, the Department of Health and other stakeholders, the PRRC was formed to increase access to primary health care for our members and other citizens. The province’s no-physician registry, billing number system and difficulty attracting young physicians means less access to primary care, which creates difficulties for businesses to attract and retain the skilled people and outside investment we need to grow and sustain our economy. The committee also coordinates and plans a series of business training seminars for local medical residents as well as welcome events and maintains contact with residents throughout the year.

Events and Networking Committee
The Events & Networking Committee is responsible for supporting the Event Manager in executing the calendar of events for the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. The committee shows their support for the event portfolio by working with the Event Manager to meet attendance and sponsorship goals when necessary, as well as providing assistance from time to time with organizing or soliciting prizes. The committee communicates with our members to gather information on topics for events and sessions that matter most. The committee also discusses and researches new types of events the Chamber would be interested in hosting.

Communications Committee
Keeping our 950+ members informed is one of our top priorities and with new technologies emerging, we are always working to improve how we communicate to the membership. Members of this committee advise us on how best to reach out members - via email, our website, social media, and our Insight Magazine. This committee is responsible for supporting both the Operations and Communications Manager as well as the Membership and Marketing Manager.

Business Immigrant Services
Steering Committee - Business Immigrant Mentorship and Hive Incubator Program
Recognizing immigration as a key driver for population and economic growth in New Brunswick, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has been working in collaboration with the Government of New Brunswick since 2009 to offer two award winning, nationally-recognized immigrant investment programs. The Business Immigrant Mentorship Program and Hive Incubator help retain the Fredericton Region’s entrepreneurial newcomers by providing support to individuals with plans to start, buy or invest in a local business - in turn, supporting our economy and creating jobs. Our steering committee will be made up of individuals who have a desire to support our programs by offering their business expertise, ideas and input on how to best support our clients. Steering committee members will meet once per month for 9 months with June, July and August as our off months.

Volunteering on an Ad Hoc Basis
From time–to-time the chamber requires volunteers for projects outside of the standing committees, which typically require less time commitment.  We encourage members who cannot commit to a standing committee, but are interested in being involved in some capacity to register for our “ad hoc” list.  This option may also be appropriate for those members considering joining a committee at a future date.  By registering for this list, you are under no obligation to agree to participate in any initiative for which you may be approached.

New Member Welcome Committee
Volunteers for the New Member Welcome Committee make personal visits to new members, greet members at networking events, and provide guidance on how to take full advantage of their membership benefits.

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