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26 May 2015
For Immediate Release

FREDERICTON, NB – The Fredericton Region has been named one of “Canada’s Resource Cities” by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Under the umbrella initiative “The Partnership for Resource Trade,” Canada’s Resource Cities is meant to highlight the important role that our urban centres play in developing our natural resources.

“Developing natural resources is often thought of as a primarily rural experience - and oftentimes the actual extraction of raw materials does occur in more rural areas, but that is only part of the story,” said Krista Ross, Fredericton chamber CEO. “Canada’s Resource Cities attempts to tell the other side - our urban centres provide much of the skilled workforce, professional support and business expertise that make natural resource development happen.”

As a centre for innovation, post-secondary education, and entrepreneurship, Fredericton is uniquely positioned to contribute to natural resource development in a variety of ways. The University of New Brunswick (including five research chairs and six research institutes in the natural resources sector), New Brunswick Community College, and the Atlantic Forestry Centre amongst others produce world-class talent to support current and future projects.

“Supporting the development of natural resources is a high priority for the Fredericton chamber,” added Joseph O’Donnell, Chamber President. “We have advocated developing natural resources in meetings and written briefs to the Province, our Economic Development Committee has been hosting monthly presentations all year, our CEO participated in an oil sands tour earlier this year, we are a founding member of Ignite Fredericton’s natural resource task force and now we are one of Canada’s Resource Cities.”

Fredericton’s “Canada’s Resource Cities” infographic, available in print or at www.frederictonchamber.ca demostrates the diverse role that Fredericton’s companies and organizations play in many different sectors and industries.

“I think even most Frederictonians don’t really think much about our role in developing natural resources,” added Ross. “We tend to put our cities in easily-definable boxes, even on a provincial level- Fredericton has government and universities, Moncton has retail, Saint John is industrial - but in reality, we all have all of those things and Fredericton’s interest and participation in natural resource development is well beyond the perception.”

With more than 950 members, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest  chambers   of  commerce.  A  dynamic  business  organization,  the  Fredericton  Chamber  of Commerce is actively engaged in policy development that affects the competitiveness of our members and of the Canadian business environment.

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