pdfApril 18, 2016 - Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Pleased Community Health Clinic Moving Forward

Fredericton, NB
The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors and Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee applaud the Government of New Brunswick’s progress in finding a permanent location for Fredericton’s community health centre in the downtown core.

“The Fredericton Chamber welcomes the news that the government has found a permanent location for the city’s community health centre,” said Chamber President Stephen Hill. “The chamber has been pushing for such a clinic for the better part of a decade and while it has been a long road, we applaud the provincial government and the area’s MLAs over that time for keeping the project on their radar and bringing it closer to fruition.”

The chamber has worked closely with the provincial government, Horizon Health Network and the
University of New Brunswick throughout its advocacy for a new, expanded clinic.

“There are certainly many groups and individuals responsible for this clinic, starting with UNB’s nursing faculty that had the vision to start the clinic many years ago and the Fredericton Community Foundation which provided some startup capital to the original clinic,” said Chamber CEO Krista Ross. “I would also like to recognize a long line of successive chamber presidents that have kept the clinic ­ and access to primary healthcare more generally ­ as a priority for our advocacy efforts. With a project that has taken the better part of a decade to be realized, the commitment shown by our past presidents and directors underscores its relevance.”

Ms Ross is also the chairperson of the Community Advisory Committee of Fredericton’s Downtown
Community Health Centre.

“Getting the opportunity to take a leadership role in seeing the new expanded community health centre become a reality is a wonderful example of the chamber’s vision: Community Prosperity Through Business,” added Ross. “It seems as though the public sector and the citizenry generally are becoming more aware of the central role that the business community plays in the social fabric of our communities.”

The importance of a new, expanded community health centre for the downtown core was made clear in Fredericton’s 2012 Community Health Assessment, which stated that a new clinic was a top priority for the region.

“Community health centres are an efficient way to deliver primary care and have many other benefits,” added Hill. “In our discussions with medical students, hospital residents and new
physicians, it is clear to us that the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment is important to the newest generation of doctors. Fredericton’s CHC will not only act in its own capacity to attract physicians to the area, but part of its mandate is to encourage the formation of ‘family medical teams’ within the medical community, further expanding efficient capacity as well as recruiting

The chamber continues to advocate for efficient access to primary healthcare through its board of directors and Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee.

“While we think continuing to move away from the traditional family medicine model in the province is a good thing, we should also note that family doctors will continue to be at the heart of care,” said Paul Simmonds, Chamber 1st VP and co­chair of the Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee. “Indeed, ultimately they are the people that need to continue to drive the efforts towards collaborative care.”

The new clinic is expected to be opened in December of this year.

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